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it'll cost an arm and a leg

there are the rules
of the inn which state no thieves
fakirs or rogues
or tinkers
do we know now what a tinker may be?
no skulking loafers or flea bitten
tramps and i could entertain you with
like no slap an tickle the wenches
sometime in the past
there were standards?
nobody has gotten their education
paid for

25 Oct 07

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I really liked this, however here in England, everybody drinks next to everybody else, as long as you have the right pair of shoes on, that is ;-) Good poem though for if it applies to your neck of the world. You have become my first favourite since I joined this site last december.
 — raskolniikov

Does "paid for" also mean "free?"  That's the only way the ending would make sense to me, implying everyone has to pay a price eventually.

This is intriguing but some punctuation might be helpful.  Also, line 9 - slap and tickle or 'slap 'n tickle?"
 — Isabelle5

fakirs and tinkers , too funny
you could imagine "john" taking great relish enforcing the rules.
 — unknown

smooth and original write
 — unknown

This poem came up randomly, and it really spoke to me.  Fun-loving and a real repast for thought.
 — unknown