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If you ruled the world? (recited)

If I ruled the world
I'd make the ants to build our builds and the mice to mold our cheese and the
cats to nurse the mice and the dogs to master fleas and the birds to thresh the
corn as the women rub our backs with whatever love we lack and we'd read and
write some more of the great our Jesus Lord in our churches built by ants as we
eat the cheese of rats and when angered car wash cats and go shooting
birds with dogs bearing guns that they can't draw.

17 Nov 07

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the whole damn works is going on, menagerie and wheel of cheese. The only missing component is the audio file.
 — banditfemme

 — netskyIam

darn it, Donald, you have corrupted our ability to install any sort of working link.
This "feature" spoils the utility of PC for poets.  
(copy and paste)
 — netskyIam

Thank you bF.  I'm working on the thing.  Mice now mold, and cats get car washed.
Such power I feel, I am indeed, king of the world, thanks to you. Now rub my back some more, woman!
 — netskyIam


it makes me feel like cheese.

...and oh so, so, so much better than mine.
 — DeformedLion

not so. not better than yours.  this is not a competition or comparison.  make a poem of -your- best liking, in your way, as the muse instructs.  
 — netskyIam

yes. better than mine.

feels original. but it isn't...and i like that.
 — DeformedLion

well, then he gives us a tens then?

 — netskyIam

obvious food poisoning
 — poetbill

first try read aloud
(will replace with better later)
 — netskyIam

Ok now it's really bad rap
 — poetbill

lol, of course! It really shouldn't be read aloud, no!
 — netskyIam

 — eyesaque

mice to build our builds?  Are you sure you want it that way?  

I wish you'd put this in verse format to make it easier to read, please.
 — Isabelle5

This is really quite clever in recitation, Netsky.  I can imagine reading it to children in the library - that's a good thing.
 — Isabelle5

Hi Isabelle, it's -ants- to build our builds.
I wonder too about putting it to normal linings, with commas and all.
I think that'd be a cute-killer of this actually-uncute thing, my opinion.
Thanks for the commentaries.   Reid
 — netskyIam