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Death Of A Deserted Clown (Foto Friday)

Your sad face was locked
behind that fixed plastic smile.
You yearned for umbrellas
while walking the miles,
and a little red bike,
or maybe a trike
like your tiny friend Joey,
the rum little tyke.
Cold showers, bright laughter,
custard filled pies,
a saw dust filled circle
you created close by,
like a beacon, a mast,
temple or throne,
there was only one place
where you felt at home.
No private dressing room,
no big star demands.
You saw the funny side
of each grain of sand.
Circling vultures
shadowed that land,
awaiting a big easy feast.
You fell to your knees,
they gouged out your eyes.
Ripped the flesh from your bones,
without even a pause.
You’re a skeleton clown
with a bright plastic nose,
for out in the desert anything goes.
Your polka dot clothes
blew away on the breeze,
past the home of the small girl
who called out with unease,
“Mummy, oh mummy,
that’s the suit of the clown.
Something has happened,
my friend must be found.”
“Don’t worry darling,”
were ma’s soothing words.
“He’s out in the desert
feeding the birds."

TrIke- short for trycycle, a three wheeled childs bIcycle often used in circus acts

rum- in this context mischievous, naughty, always up to pointless little tricks.

Tyke-slang name for a child in the North East  of England.

Joey- a reference to the famous clown Joey Jogbottom 1885-1967who used to recite poetry in the circus ring while riding up and down the high wire on a red bicycle and who was the only clown to appear at the famous Blackpool Tower Circus for 54 consecutive summer seasons. Joey also had several poems publishes in The Accrington Gazette until the premises of that illustrious newspaper were burned down in 1944 during an air raid by The Isle Of Man.

Isle Of Man- a small island off the North West coast of England

Larry Lark
retired clown famous for writing endless streams of drivel and reciting it all through a mega phone off the end of Southport pier  and who was arrested for driving the  seagulls away

Sea gull a bird which frequents seas side resorts because it enjoys being on holiday

23 Nov 07

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whimsical joy of joys of joy
 — onklcrispy

Dear onklcrispy

I'm so overjoyed  that this pointless little ditty filled you with joy, must fly, my mummy is taking me to see Father Christmas at the reindeer grotto but first i have to go and gather the magic dust that the fairies leave for me every night at the bottom of the garden.

Larry long live santa Lark
 — larrylark

oooh - a good story wound up in some effective rhyming and imagery. The picture has served you well - I see a red bicycle used to good ends here - that image is somewhat familiar to me.....hmmm... where from? Let's play word association.......red bike...joey....clown. The mist is clearing.
 — unknown


do you still recite off of southport pier? i'll come and meet you.
 — raskolniikov

Dear raskolniikov

Yes I still do but have perfected various extensions to my performance. Half way through my recital accompanied by taped recordings of the sound of pythons making love in a veterinary surgeons accompanied by the loud screams of those fleeing the scene I put on a gorilla suit, stuff it full of piranhas and swim to The Isle of Man singing "There'll Always Be An England," which of course there won't as the world will come to an end sooner or later. I fry up the piranhas on the beach and eat them with a bag of chips purchased from the chip shop next to The Three Legged Sailor Public House. Then I leap on a bright red pedalo and cycle all the way back across the briny. The answer to your question is yes.

Larry man of remarkable feats Lark
 — unknown

Nicely captures the lurking danger of clowns!
 — poetbill

Hi poetbill

Do I love that word lurk

Larry lurking to the left Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Unknown

Joey is the realest clown I ever saw Though I do admit his bicycle was green.

Larry rainbow Lark
 — unknown

Haha! I love it!
 — simpatico

Dear Simpatico

Steady on there, Its only a bit of fun.

Larry tears of a clown lARK
 — larrylark