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the great thing about Justin is that he never wallows in his pasts
that can't be changed, and he never dwells on the presents
that he can't keep, and he never worries about the future
that somehow does not match his pasts, nor this present
that he does not believe that he deserves; just to be
sure that Justin does, this is all of the purchase
that Justin requires: enough aa cells to power
the jumps of a nimble mind jack
running on strong for life.

25 Nov 07

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Mr NeskyIam you have some explaining to do, at least i hope you do.
 — unknown

Only my mother calls me "Mr NetskyIam".   Are you my mother?
I did not think so, but you sure do sound like her.
 — netskyIam

this is quite jerry and you've said some very important things in this about the government's inhibiting tax structures in south carolina. signed, mel gibson
 — joey