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The Scientist's Lament

Sexual intercourse came to an end
in nineteen ninety-three.
(Not for everyone, just for me.)
Sometime between the Earth Summit in Rio
and the first blue LED.
Gold ring on her finger,
wind in the curls of her hair.
A tantalising glimpse
of her belly button
would lay the golden ratio bare.
Then a hole formed in the ozone layer
and the world started falling to bits.
Our relationship collapsed
like a website
overwhelmed by too many hits.
I never found an explanation
why the sparkle disappeared
from her eye.
It was like trying to find some pattern
in the decimal expansion of pi.
I’m mathematically-minded.
Maybe she thought that a crime.
She didn’t get excited
when I noticed
that 1993 was prime.
Not a year most people remember,
nineteen ninety-three.
(Unless of course you’re me.)
That time between the Earth Summit in Rio
and the first blue LED.

30 Nov 07

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wow, great write
Thank you.
 — sir_I_clan

enjoyed this, and i'm not at all mathematically minded.
 — crimsonkiss

this is sort of slacker poetry, and shouldn't be judged on the same level as "boars in the wood". i'll give you a ten so that you can get exposure and, even though you're not up to their level of talent, you'll be able to tell them jokes and bring them martinis.
 — joey

neither sciency
nor lamenty
enough for my liking
the poem was good enough, though.
i liked the way it came round onto itself at the end (26-30)
and there was a little science-type stuff in each stanza (though not enough to support what your title's promise to me was)
also, it's funny, i do remember 1993 because one of my kids was born then and also, funnily, sexual intercourse stopped for a time then for me
nice poem
 — chuckle_s

hahaha chuckles
 — unknown

This feels very forced.
 — Ossan