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Sea Side Chef.

The chef came spinning down the road,
not one moment too late la la.
Yet too soon it seemed for a toad in the hole,
he beat through the heather and gorse la la.
Whipped up with ease canapes, crepes,
light as the air he breathed la la.
While deep beneath waves of a languid sea,
lay coral the colour of cream la la.
He made his way home under milky white skies,
arriving in time for tea la la.
Where raisin bread and a large treacle tart,
accompanied him up to his dreams la la.

2 Dec 07

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Nice children's song...I'd cut title to just Sea Side Chef
 — afterbirth

a nice new addition to your poems.

though is diary needed? could save that idea for another day, maybe, because it isn't told in diary format. unless that was the point, where you make it humorously objective.

no, i think i like it like this. but don't forget diary format. i think you could make it work, you wouldn't make it trite.
 — listen

nice poem, larry la-la-lark.  

line 7 - should that be 'languid'?

lazy sea. lovely image.

i'd get rid of 'up' in line 12.

reading your writing is always refreshing.
 — varun

Thanks afterbirth

good advice

 — larrylark

You are absolutely right listen

 — larrylark

Dear Varun

Thanks for the comment

 — larrylark

could be a lancashire blues
good poem
 — stout


Why are you so right about my stuff. You spotted a yearning for Blackpool and boy do i love the sea side in Winter.

Larry mer man if he could be Lark
 — larrylark