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the environmentalist(slogan)

juan never liked smokers, but his car was one

5 Dec 07

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Just because you dont capitalize or put a period at the end doesnt make your statement a poem.
 — SeanConnery

short and nice. this has more poetry going for it than just the absence of capitals and periods.

(jennifer never liked hosers, but her boyfriend was a volunteer fire-fighter)
 — Virgil

geez, that comma really speaks to me, you know? its almost transcendent...i wish i could write like this...
 — unknown

funny you only saw the comma, maybe consider corrective vision lenses for both your right and left eye.
 — OKcomputer

nice , ok
 — sir_I_clan


good juan
 — chuckle_s

I really like the idea behind this.  Hypocrisy in environmentalists and "humane societies" so to speak are quite rampant.
 — Aziel

Whenever I see someone riding their bike to work, I think....man there goes another environmentalist. But really I should be thinking....man that guy got too many DUIs.
 — joshcoops