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The Illegal Immigrants

teeth, yellow porcelain boxes:
therein: nerves, tender flowers,
growing up and out of the holes
Deep black cavities, one for each pocket.
i'm the only one
who doesn't have a cent to bet.
i recall
pissing on their fruit, to spite
whoever: "Ah ha!"
making love in the fields
on their watch,
writing your name
like a poem
all over your arms and breasts and back, biting you
marking your neck:
you admire my necktie and briefcase
full of American money.
Now, i'm watching you
watching the cars drive by, nice cars:
a pontiac, white woman.
you wish for a trade.  
toss me a head of lettuce.
i've forgotten spanish,
i do not understand you anymore,
your dog's spanish barking.
long time ago I did.
drinking whiskey by the creek,
pulling fish apart by the gills
i thought of you then.
wish i could afford to give you a baby
and a garden.
The government keeps little spies
in the dewdrops,
for each fence-post there is a government bird
watching my weeds swell up
watching me masturbate through the window.
"See? He enjoys himself!" they proclaim.
oh well, i sigh, cumming --
they see me smile and
send me nightmares.
shout it out to the world,
i don't even read the newspaper.
i'm buying another television
to inspire wishing in a time of resign.
to relieve wanting;
to forget about the holes in my socks
and teeth. i can't bring myself
to repair anything
come night time,
there is your dog dead on a chain
melting in the heat.
the dog across the street
in his bed
with a picture frame
and a cup of tea.
and you mi vida will sleep
on dirt-stained sheets.
she falls asleep too fast,
she sleeps too deep,
picks up smoking.

5 Dec 07

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i'd like to sit inside your

how much is a ticket?

i was wondering if the teeth would come back. and they made a re-appearance.

line 51 is not staying in it's place, not fitting well, not matching up with the rest etc.
 — varun

make that
love to-
on re-reading.
 — varun

tossed salad
 — unknown

removed line 51, you were right. ;) thanksssssssss
 — OKcomputer

 — OKcomputer