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Colour Blind

I walk among the purple trees
lit up by an orange sky,
here is the landscape i prefer
where yellow blackbirds sing close by.
I stroll down to vermilion streams
where rainbow fish leap through the air,
bright red cows low in the field
the violet fox pink chicken steals.
Turquoise silk of spider's web
cats and dogs all painted red,
houses splashed in emerald hues
people coated, all bright blue.
These are the colours that reveal
the mysteries that bind this earth,
take the scales from off my eyes
and let me see what's really there.

7 Dec 07

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or just drop some acid
 — unknown

Tangerine bees and marshmallow pies

Larry kaleidoscope eyes Lark  
 — larrylark

this is beautiful.

colorful and with a colorful message. very fitting indeed. i love it. stop and smell the roses, they aren't black type-thing. which isn't a reflection of you, which i like, looking through the eyes of a boring person until revealed to the world. no just kidding, that's a stretch; not a boring person, just a person blinded by the toils of not enough living.

but a great poem. i was slightly hesitant on the color-usage, could perhaps be seen as overdone, but not really. "turquoise silk of spider's web" is a terse line, imaginative. would agree on the kaleidoscope implication; you are very receptive to rainbow viewing.

i was wondering if you could write a companion piece to this, where instead of using color you used a different form of vibrant imagery, such as various situations strewn together to show the chaos of life until calmed down because that person looks at it and admires it as something he’d never seen before, being able to appreciate it for being there

and that doesn’t make much sense. but i like the moral here. very well done.
 — listen

Hi Listen

I always appreciate your comments and they always give me food for thought.

 — larrylark