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a bit of prose/broken as

I had an elderly friend, my grandmother's best friend.  
She took over as grandmother when mine died young.
Once I complained about some aspect of my child's life gone
wrong, 'It's not fair! It's not right.'
I can still hear Bernice,
'Goose!  Whoever told you that life is fair?'
The way she said it, with a laugh, was a total comfort
somehow. She had been through it all, all on her own,
then onward for 96 years, unscathed
and well balanced.

9 Jan 08

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a nice snack
 — unknown

i agree for sure. you have me smacking my lips at the grandeur behind this piece, how creative it is.

anyway, no need for praising, but a prayer i must give, that you keep up your complexity. i do hope this doesn't sound like i'm trying to suck up to you, either, as that isn't my intention.

but for prose, or for anything, this is good. keep up your complexity, just reading some of your titles is challenging.

that's good though. at least for me. i worry some can't handle it.
 — listen