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Of Stars and Men

I have drawn horseshoes in the stars
watched the men of sand & sun
melt like plastic under flame,
it's only tomorrow but pain
is in the small hand gone ungrasped
to some floral station amidst
the torch of clouds & sky,
where suns wink like tears
and all children are together,
shooting through space, dancing with stars.
Nobody is ever lonely, not in heaven.
Not in the dreams of beggars,
who some call Daddy--
never again.

13 Jan 08

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You know that could be the most annoying little piece of shit comment I have ever received.
Perhaps I am being irrational, it is aggravating though. It's been annoying me for about a day or so...
 — DeformedLion

seriously, who gave me that comment?
 — DeformedLion


Stop squeaking about the odd rat or two that creeps around in the hold of the good ship PC. You have written a poem here that has made me envious of its scope and imaginative power. Remember most rats are so insensitive they don't even realise they are being so.

Larry the hamster Lark
 — larrylark

Cheers larry,

and thanks for the thing.
 — DeformedLion