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Impressions Of Ice Island

To weld the snow plough's cracked suspension,
metal bolts glowed bright as ice and fire.
In the station, tensions mapped by polar stars,
charting shards that slowly floated by,
scrutinised under narrowing pale blue  eyes.
Standing on the hilltop overlooking Iqaluit,
heard cackle of ravens echo on the roof tops.
Fog hung over Frobisher Bay,
ghostly footprints, moved towards
each dogs that  strayed.
A hunter hammered his snow mobile
towards town, while white seals slid
on frosted grass,along the trail blown out
near Lancaster Sound.
In the wood house tea mashed over
a Coleman Stove.Howling wolves licked
their wounds,and dreamed of home.
A sledge dog sprawled, panting beneath
harness and lash,one eye lost to a ricochet
from a rifle shot,fired to part frozen shackles
on an ice burned eel cache.
Rifle, bone knife, strewn by the custom houses,
light harpoon tip buried deep in the pocket
of fur trousers. Central knot secured the fan
hitch to the leases of the sleigh,
air perfumed by scent of Arctic poppies,
sassafras, Lapland rose bay.
Briefly tundra spread outside the forest's edge,
steam from a dog team clouded into spray.
Half eaten fish, dried seal meat,
strewn across a broken T.V. satellite dish
Observed through mist, the encounter
between an edgy  hunter and the  polar bear
blew up with the unexpected violence
of a spring blizzard.

16 Jan 08

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could be condensed more
 — poetbill

Helo Mr. Powet Billy

I tri to spel rite butt being an Eskimono i felt to show mi homeland and how we have bin captuwered by Americano TV. I hope you also ave a satelite in yewer hed and fish in yewer bowel


Elly the eskimo
 — unknown

beautifully evocative of the winter scene created here - this has a little of everything about desolation and need.. love it Larry
 — Mongrol

favorite. seems condensed already, simultaneously with enough material to leave you thinking for awhile.
 — listen

Hi Mongrol

Thanks for the comment. I will let you into a secret, In my previous incarnation I played Eskimoo Nell in the classic West End adaptation of Beyond The Penguins.

Larry Igloo'ed Lark
 — unknown

Hi Listen

I was in a pretty cool mood when i wrote this one. Thanks as always for your appreciation

Larry the little snow drop Lark
 — unknown