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"Oh, Mavourneen!"

A found poem.

Sexual reproduction in plants occurs when the pollen from an anther is transferred to the stigma.
When you eat a fruit, you are actually eating the ovary of the flower.
She had a feeling of
needing to be full. Filled--
She couldn't help it. That was the way she was,
always hungry for a large penis!
Oh, Mavourneen! Though my home might be the fairest earth possessed,
Till thou wouldst share and make it warm, this heart would know no rest (I wish I knew exactly what to say!).
I could feel the muscles inside of you
moving with your hips,
sucking at it and even
caressing it.
The fountain spring within my soul is playing in mine eye (I don't know how to express my feelings for you!!!);
I do not blush to own the tear,—let, let it touch my cheek,
And what my lip has failed to tell, that drop perchance may speak (I cant really tell you how I feel because i don't wanna hurt anyone!!!)
I leave thee for awhile, my love; but every hour will be
Uncheered and lonely till the one that brings me back to thee.
Define fruit:
"Both girls found their nipples sensitive.
When they masturbated together,
they twisted and pulled
at their ripe buds."
When again I seek my green isle in the West,
Oh, promise thou wilt share my lot, and set this heart at rest.
Mavourneen! What is an angiosperm?
Why are flowers brightly colored?
How I loved the way in which you
were holding my head to your tits
as I sucked hard upon your erect nipples!

13 Jan 04

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I am not particularly partial to the poem, but I appreciate that it must have taken time to "find" the right words, and I give you credit for that. The sex as a little boring. But I was amused by the references to plant reproduction, which I find quite steamy. Where did you find the Mavourneen business? It was fun and fanciful.
 — Fleshy

Where did you find this? In a carton of eggs?
 — unknown

hmmm...I liked some parts, but overall, it's a bit...blah...
 — Adrielle

Err, I personally feel that love and lust should not be intertwined with each other. Spoil the whole essence of love you know. That's my opinion. But otherwise, your poem is humorous and interesting. I learn something new today - about plants sexual activities. :)
 — fidah

These reactions are like those I intended to get. Thank you. --Moth
 — unknown

for some reason it looks familiar and that kinda bothers me a little...
obsession is in many things, for me, 'and where's my only cigarette'
 — kronah

fidah, if you know love then you dont know what lust is; yet you can still understand the poem can't you, then if so, there is no lust in this poem

lust in my definition is the sexual mocking of loving intemacy
the rasons most people are afraid of sex is because of its power
and any power comes from love,
 — kronah

I wish more people would read this. --Moth

 — unknown

This poem continues to teach me things. People do not like criticism; when you critique poems for having poor punctuation, or being racist, or what have you, you get 1s. Oh well.
 — Moth

 — unknown

 — unknown

i don't think that the words flow...for my atleast. you have sometime beautiful like "ripe buds" then you have "tits." that doesn't really do together too well, unless you were going for that kind of contradiction. if so, perfect 10. either way, i liked it. i guess, over all, i would give it a 7.5-8. nice one. :)
 — stainedsteal

Yes, that's exactly what I meant when I "wrote" it. I was toying with all these ideas of sexual love, romantic love, and botanical love.--Ersaph
 — unknown

Log cabin lite is thickity thick.  This made me want to nurse a houseplant(in more ways than one) and reminded me of a dream I had where I was being attacked by some kind of marsupial who kept dripping egg yolks on me from nipples it's pouch.

The name, Mavoureen is incredible.

My day was terrible,  this is the first thing to make me smile all through it thank you Huzzah Android Compu-Sleuth! Death to Onkel Ronalds.
 — onklcrispy

You never go online anymore.--Ersaph
 — unknown

Dreadfully incredible!
 — OKcomputer

Incredibly edible!
 — OKcomputer

um, the lines in parenthesis were really dumb.  if you took those out, then this would be a lot better and then i would rate it higher.
 — sassybnyss

my question is why the hell is this in the top rated list??
 — unknown

This one is funny. I didn't execute it as well as I'd like to, but it still made me laugh wickedly.
 — ersaph

What is this?
 — unknown

You sound like a real mood-killer. Oh, how I loathe that random poem button.
 — FangzOfFire

a wittle too gimmicky and a wittle too gamalian. but stwill. i wuved it.

fank you

the wellweteen wabbit
 — unknown

pretty hot and graphic... but really executed in a romantic loving sort of way... for that whole flower insert,
what i found kind of off putting was the shaksperian language sometimes taken in lines 13-15 and also popping up in random places.... shitty, and pretentious...
 — unknown

this would be good just for the name Mavourneen. Sounds like a Decemberists song, and I hope you don't take that the wrong way. if you ever come back here to see this again that is.
 — Ananke