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Ode to Mr. Blogwitch, Esq.

In Lilliput I placed an order
Of the Smith who made the shoes
For the smallest Horses ever
Lilliput could draft to move
Our heavy loads of barleycorns
In wagons wheeled with half-acorns.
But, Sir, never
I did see Machines
Like yours of Brass, or Gold it seems
--Some whirring in the silent night
Whilst others pump all slow, aright
And fit to do the work they do
On air or steam or dreams anon.
I think they may replace the Horse;
Poor creatures, tiny, shod and cursed
To do our Lilliputian work.
Much better now that they retire
And have the Engines' day transpire;
Thus free the animals of pain
--Perhaps one day
Will Leisure reign
For Man and Beast alike.
All thanks
To Our Giant who machines
A Team in livery full agleam!

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31 Jan 08

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Ooooooh I like! No crit for this one. It's perfect the way it is.
Love how you work the rhyme without making it tight and boxy. I have great respect for that as it's something that doesn't come so easily for me.
Inspirational 10  
 — nakedowl