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one, by the other

To judge a book, by its cover
To judge a girl, by her mother
To judge a boy, by his brother
To judge me, by another

its simple but it has alot of meaning behind it. think about it.

26 May 02

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pretty cool
 — unknown

Are you sure this is original work?
 — iconoclast

I am thinking about it and it is quite thoughtful, but the book by its cover is invariably overused. before you put such great thought and effort into a premise, make sure it isnt tried and tired.
 — unknown

i agrre with you but the reason i included it was so that when readers hear that tried and tired phrase they will hopefully stop to think about this poem. but thank you for your comment.
 — laissez

i like it
 — Lazarus

hey dude since i know you personally this makes even more sense than before. genius. -enemy of brendan hughes, pantser extraordinaire
 — unknown

I like the simpleness and straight-forward approach to this poem. short and sweet.
 — unknown