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cinnamon, vanilla, sweat
             dry pine crackeling,
        nothing to come-
                       between us

14 Jan 04

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I like the way you make the reader's eyes move about the page.
 — opal

Short lines, few words and yet so very strong. Great!
 — tiny

Romantic and smells like sex in here.
 — Isabelle5

*sigh* I like it...makes me remember those moments where I thought "I wish time wouldn't run out"

*claps hands*
 — unknown

i like it, you get right to your point kindof a romantic like she said...nice job
 — unknown

didnt mean to post anonymously my bad^^
 — unfabulous01

indeed alluring! so apt - 'except time' & how it has been emphasized sounds cool & sexy
 — unknown

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