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I imagine the warning of death,
like all warnings, comes too little too late.
No letter through the post to peruse
among the morning toast,or host
making rueful announcements.
We will know our bulb is about to  blow
when that low gravelly voice
slowly unravels the inner ear
whispering "Now is the time to feel real fear,
five seconds and counting."
Some will try to rise up from their chair,
others think of their stocks and shares,
or the girl they let slip by or a lie told,
and never confessed, which caused distress.
Most think its radio static interfering with
the early news and that after a coffee
they will continue to stew,
imbibing among the debris of their lives,
last night sleeping sound as the bell
they thought would never toll for them.

17 Feb 08

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this is why i have no fear, because we don't know when it will come and so i choose not to worry. it will come when it comes and there is nothing we can do about it.
 — raskolniikov

It is pointless to fear the inevitable. Its best to make the best of all we can while we can.

Larry can can lark
 — larrylark

nice modifications on the generalizations of perfect etiquette in regards to flawless grammar.

and as always, your words resonate.
 — listen