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hands work better than news
or weather buoys or seismic
monitors grow large and usually
dominate their environment
i would give up my eyes before i gave my hands
i used to say that my memory
is contained in my finger tips
i believe that still and more than that
sometimes i think they know more of me

26 Feb 08

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good poem, hank.
hello hank.
 — varun

companions - better than previous title. surely.
 — varun

if i had to rate it, i'd rate it a 10.

 — unknown

thanks varun. why are you so frequent on pc? are you bored there? are you enslaved? or do you find all this very interesting? asking because i would expect you to be elsewhere most of the time.
 — hank

i'm gonna go get drunk with some real people now.
 — hank

funny i didn't find any,.
 — hank

what if there aren't any?
i'm scared now.

it's my break-time.

i'm kind of stuck, at the moment. tough kind of stuck.
 — varun