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Mirror Of Illusion

They didn’t know that I knew
that was the last time they’d see me,
my open palm blurring into a wave,
fingers swaying side by side but thumbs
firmly flexed for the road as freedom called.
I could hear the distant roar as I threw
those bloater paste butties over the hedge,
poured the flask of Ovaltine into Mr. Sheen’s
post box, dropped Jammy Dodgers that lodged
in the gutter choked with a cascade of discarded
bills, pages from a porno mag and a ripped out page
from Belinda’s diary describing our first shag.
I always had a plan to catch the giant juggernaut
driven by “Hairy Bill” with his life’s tattoo
taut and glued to his window sill arms.
He’d give sound advice like, “Head further south.”
or “The B ans B’s in Birmingham are shite. I heard
it all by word of mouth so it must be right.”
Got dropped off, saw a café, walked into laughter,
served by Gloria who’d introduce me to her family,
wardrobe and more beside. Next day her dad was off
on a bus ride to Cairo, to collect ripe bananas and a
consignment of lilo’s. Gloria and I were up there
regaled by his stories of Mr. Malhampton who sold
old mirages and ice cream in the casbah and when
we arrived he was ever so pleased and took us to where
we could live at our ease while raising our own family.
We took over his illusion when he finally passed
far and wide out of his oasis. I don't like to boast
but what an amazing life is passing me by.
Gloria! Pass me a pina colada and a white truffle
From Alba out of the larder.

Bloater paste butties-cheap sandwiches made from filthy old fish. These are consumed in vast quantities in the parishes of the poor in England.

Ovaltine-a bed time drink used as a sleeping draught by the neurotic and those who have highly erotic dreams so they can have a good nights sleep.

Jammy Dodgers-A light coloured biscuit with a heart carved into its upper surface and filled with strawberry jam.

Larry Lark- a man who scribbles down drivel while riding no handed round the floor of the bar in his local public house on a purple bycycle

B and B- a house with a leaky roof and an over cooked breakfast where business people reside over night and flee the next morning thankful that they are still alive.

Lilo- an inflated piece of material rather like a slightly deflated balloon upon which lunatics reside during the brief sunny interludes between endless sheets of rain which characterise the British weather.

Mr. Malhamton- a man who wears deep woolly closely woven underpants all year round.

2 Mar 08

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larry jammy lark

pulled off another good poem, i see. nice read.
 — raskolniikov

Hi raskiniikov

you'll do for me my friend

larry done for lark
 — larrylark

Larry, your humor is beyond me. i don't mean that as a jarring complement, don't mean it as a way of saying you try to hard, witch isn't true at all.

your humor is so natural, it is i tell you. and what way to top it off with a nice round of footnotes to kick this poem out into the wild for animals to devour before they even read it ...

well, talk about wild comment. i love this, though. very good work.
 — listen

Thanks Listen

As you can see I decided to start writing my life story.

 — larrylark