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Winter Bells

Sometimes you let go for a bit,
It won't stick
and you can't find the glue
to renew yourself or her
Buried beneath several kids,
from soon-to-be three
to demon teen dreams,
carousing round the clubs
dancing in and out,
the hubbub of the house.
You have become a manager
twice, home and work,
work's crises lurk out there.
Somehow, in the gift
of a cold night's silence,
you find it
buried in her autumn hair,
tenderness above all blessings,
making gentle love
to the mirror of your soul,
The sound of bells ringing bright,
through snow that falls
on this Winter night.

18 Jan 04

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Larry - this is beautiful...a busy life finding a moment for renewed love? The only line I didn't care for was 20 and only because "mirror of (a) soul" seems cliche.
 — unknown

Really like this poem a lot! What it says about relationship and the imagery you use. Great work!
 — wamblicante

Dear Wamblicante

It feels weird when someone digs into your back catalogue

Larry big spade Lark
 — larrylark

Absolutely true and well told.  Lovely ending, as I need that kind of happiness right now.
 — Isabelle5

Sorry guy, I guess I just really dug this poem! Ha, ha!
 — wamblicante

Dear Wamblicante

Well at least you call a spade a spade.

Larry digging deep Lark
 — larrylark

i love winter
 — winter

Dear Winter

I hate the winter so much, from Christmas onwards it feels like being dragged towards a far distant light very slowly through darkness,everywhere darkness.I pray every day for the the speedy arrival of flowers and most of all light.

Larry forgot to pay his electric bill Lark
 — unknown

I think somone needs a hug…
 — winter

Dear Winter

I don't know so much about a hug,maybe a rug?
 — unknown

Dear  Winter

If you were sat where i am you'd need a hug.
 — larrylark

Searching for winter poems and found this one posted long before I arrived here. Sometimes a poem can bring unwilling tears to the reader's eyes.   I'm crying now for the beauty you revealed.

signed violet
 — unknown

very pretty. it tumbles down like snow.
 — listen

I adore and cherish line 14 till 23, it´s october and you remind me of snow coming soon,christmas.
 — Hulda

Beautiful image after image. I love winter. 14 - 23 my fav lines but all well written.
 — Jenmarie