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You slowly come to understand
how feelings grip, jaw drops,
frozen in time, progress locked, slips, then stops
each time your mind faces eyes
that flood into your soul,
perceived sins pinned against the wall.
Unable to atone for lives of others,
absorbing pasts we cannot see,
trapped in time already gone,
nerve ends diverted,
tracking no ones truth
through years we never knew,
perverted as we grew.
Continue, strive, struggle forward, renew.
Cursed in our living, blessed to be born,
yet brooding fearful we can never elude them,
while remaining torn.

18 Mar 08

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and never eluding,there is hope in acceptance though. comes late, in my experience, and possibly not in time.  good poem.
 — crimsonkiss

i knew this was yours larrylark! i love it when i get it right. big preoccupation of mine, as you know(parenting, and being the daughter i'd like to be,)
 — crimsonkiss

Like it. The flow was interrupted in the middle, but that could just be me. Good stuff.
 — tiedtoes

Hi Crimson Kiss

I feel the same as you describe with also a great big dose of ambivelance.

 — larrylark

Dear tied toes

The older you get the less it seems to flow

Larry flawless Lark
 — larrylark

 — listen

i love the ending couplet that isn't at the end ... followed by that glorious use of renew. is indeed a good touch.
 — listen

Odd rhythm for me. That's probably just me. Love the idea here. I'd try to reconsider a couple of the rhymy parts. Good stuff.
 — themolly

whoa. Larlark? No way! 2nd read much differnt...better.
 — themolly

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