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Making Policy

Five crows in the road,
caucused over a carcass--
dark politicians.

19 Mar 08

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Oh, yes, I see this every day!!!
 — Isabelle5

improve last line...
 — poetbill

e.g.  "one politician"
 — poetbill

Now Poetbill, how can you improve that last line??  It's just right!
 — Isabelle5

Can you please keep the comment focused on the poem, not on me as a commenter?
 — Isabelle5

Five crows in the road,
caucused over a carcass-
 — foundpoem

 — starr

Thanks for the comments everyone, and yes Isabelle I like the last line also--I think I'll keep it. I wrote what I saw and felt at that moment.
 — PaulS

it's your pie...
 — poetbill

I do stand by my comment the last line could be much stronger
 — poetbill

could adjust the titlte but good
 — unknown

Thanks for the comment unknown--I'll think about your suggestion concerning the title.
 — PaulS

Interesting concept.  Shorter, stronger poems get to me more, because I can think about it later and it becomes a mantra.  Great job.  ;D
 — Aziel