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Poem for little ant baby you know who you are

Now i've got my grandma's feet and toe nails,
boy how i've aged, at twenty years
cigarette wrinkles in my hands.
my leg skin is turning purple and red and
my shins have turned out to be the longest part of me
and i walk like it's just too much, like my shoes
are never heavy enough.
i've got a dumpy butt and a few ants here and there
one on my knee one in my ear.
this one little ant, the one in my ear,
told me about the Saturday sale
at Visgo Garden warehouse where they've got
faggors and leaf blowers for masturbating,
and for a price they will recall
all your stupid childhood thoughts
and you will probably remember how retarded you were
in place of nostalgia.
little ear baby, come down and kiss my lips.
thanks for the news.

27 Mar 08

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