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There is something in the air, as usual,
itโ€™s the meanings that elude
the awakenings of the soul.
And if you, reader, are asking yourself what
me, the writer, means by awakenings of the soul,
I answer: I don't know.
I nod to the first person I meet,
say goodmorning, go on with the morning.
Morning is a speck of dust, it moves fast,
you (me) are left dangling on the cliffs
of imagination. I might be a brave
hero, a tragic anti-hero, you know,
life isn't heroic, but today the sun is shining
reminding me of birth.

12 Apr 08

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beautiful, i've felt that many times.
 — nisetru

I like this very much.  Spring always brings the sense of rebirth to me--puts a little extra bounce in my step.  Thanks for sharing.
 — PaulS

'There is something in the air' -big cliche
'the awakenings of the soul' - cliche
'speck of dust' - big cliche
'the sun is shining' -huge cliche
 — joshcoops

Thank you all for your comments.

I am trying to report normal everyday conversation.
Not sure it worked.

 — maila