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The wide-eyed yearling
leaped the stone wall to deep woods—
my heart sailed with her.

15 Apr 08

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very nice :)
 — nisetru

Really nice. Says so much to an old fool like wot i am who can't even look at a stone wall no more let alone jump one.

Larry sailing in his dreams Lark
 — unknown

Not to worry Larry.  The poem  can be read as is, or as metaphor--readers choice.  Thanks for the comment.
 — PaulS

read this one both ways.

glad you made it this way. always nice to read such things.
 — listen

So very well done.
 — PaleHorse

Haiku about nature, how unusual to find that here!  This is good, it has a very strong finish.  Little saying much.
 — Isabelle5

Way to go, Paul!
 — Isabelle5