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To wait for a cue.

Yes: I understand the federal plans.
Zipped-lipped but it wouldn't matter either way.
You say it plainly and they just don't understand
so you must say it beautifully so that you can live with it.
All these ideas that drop dead in mid air.
Between two people they mean nothing.
For you they're important beyond regular reason.
I think maybe I'm mad but it's mad to believe it.
Someday I will shake hands with God,
but who God's become is a secret I've not said.
Here is a reminder that I once did think it,
so that when it happens I can drop right dead
satisfied with knowin'.

18 Apr 08

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I Love You.
 — p_p_love

I would prefer the last word to be knowing instead of knowin'. That said, this is awesome.
 — themolly

I Love You Too.
 — OKcomputer

speaking from the mind, love the whole god bit, but i dont think its needed for this poem.
 — unknown

someday i will hug you
 — onklcrispy

i've wanted to comment how much i like this poem but haven't gotten to it, because i'm not sure what to say.

but i like this a lot, for the images, and for the stunning inventive quality of it.
 — listen

sort of academic writing, like what academic people write when they don't have any inspiration except keep my job. "someday i will shake hands with god" is about as real as the current crop of cactus poem's "someday i will eat cactus with god" moves. it's simply not that interesting... it doesn't build any kind of engaging world for me -- i've read this content a hundred times, and like it better in cheap novels where the words aren't important. each word in a poem is a structural unit holding each other word up. this is a saran wrapping of a cheese sandwich held in your hand on its way to the trash. it's just more depressing than not. i don't know if this is all you can do, or if the readers don't want any more than this, but somewhere between you and the reader the poem died.
 — joey

Not very good writing in general.  I'm with Joey.  
 — unknown