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there are these little plants
fleshy leaves if you can
call them that but flowers too
i can tear them and place them
among the stones
but really i am more gentle than that
they seem more human than most others
slow growing and persistent
but if you look closely
they also bud overnight
very living
they call them sedum
and stone something
and all sorts of names

25 Apr 08

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Love succulents. Always have. My mom got the floral garden gene. ILOVEDIRT. I have it too. It just hasn't bloomed yet ;) Nice words. I'd add punctuation. Great anyway.
 — themolly

Nice poem, except for the "but really" trying to push me out of it. That bit is rather annoying.
 — DeformedLion

thanks but it's my voice speaking to the person i'm speaking to.
 — hank