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teardrops are heroin

25 Apr 08

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Then you are a sadist. There. Is that poetry?
 — unknown

or a masochist. That depends on whose tears.
 — unknown

man, i wish.
 — DeformedLion

the poem is titled 'news'.
there is a lot of bad 'news' that one would think would make people cry.
but there is a lot of it, and it never stops.
that would lead one to believe that people like it. like 'bad news'.
that they are addicted to it.
addicted to crying.
that their tears have become something they are dependent upon.
like heroin.

myself. i'd rather laugh if i had my drothers.
 — hank

 — raskolniikov

 — chuckle_s

i like the little poems. l1 is really good.
 — AtomBombJohn