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My failure to inform you
seems to be an event of such magnitude
with its profound implications
imploding into the future, past and present
that I must humbly
and with immediate effect
rip the silk and satin
from your noble back
in order to keep warm.

21 Jan 04

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I enjoyed reading it since it slips nimbly off the tongue but the brain is asking why?
 — Isabelle5

I don't understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are crazy!!!!! but in a good way
 — unknown

It's very pretty, but not very comprehensible.
 — arienette

Well - as a take on American history this is coooooo-el. Land grants and John Adams trying to settle Americas debts in Britain. Nice.
 — unknown

i like it! i like lines 5-6 the best.. they bring the whole mood of the formality of the time to the poem. did that make sense?
 — mightyjoe

Just great!
 — tiny

That is just one wild poem it gets a ten for the last three lines. I just wasn't expecting that, very intriguing, Frank Sinatra kool!!
 — dpg3

Hey... this is cool. i picture the French Revolution. Am I right? I'm thinking Madam LeForge and "Tale of Two Cities". Am I headed in the right direction?
 — aforbing

Wow! but Hmm....

It makes me wish I could see the poet's name. Then I'd know. The language really is flowing. You're using all the clichées well, and I don't even notice.
 — zepplin42

I love it.
 — Jsmiles05

This is throwaway brilliant.
 — opal

i very much like this poem.  i'm only guessing at the speaker though.
 — hank

This is a caustic comment on a rigid social hierarchy and indicates how under extreme conditions the order of things can quickly come to be questioned and then overthrown.Very effective.
 — unknown

I enjoyed reading it. You have an awesome vocabulary! It could have been better ifv you made it more longer. but still, nice work, larrylark! -pip ;>
 — unknown

Dear Pip

Only  a man of your immense historical stature ,situated as you are in the middle of one of the classic novels of English Literature could truly appreciate the profundity of this poem. Sir i take my silk under garments off to you and wave them in the breeze of historical time.
 — larrylark

thanks larry. nice poem.
 — listen

i like this one.
 — listen

Dear Listen,

I'm sure this incident happened in Bolton all those years ago.

Larry northern lad Lark
 — larrylark

Wow.  So good.  This is fun to read over, and over again.
 — CervusWright

Hi Cesvusright,

You'll be telling me you've memorized it next.

Larry the incredible expanding memory man Lark
 — larrylark

reminds me of being in bed with my wife in wintry cold, her icy feet hooking the duvet from me. This is great how it is, would be good to see a concrete style on it too. It aint so easy to be different but different it is :0)
 — Caducus

I guess, my dear cadacus that the duvet, however large will always be a bone of contention

 — larrylark

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