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One Night Stands

Would the portrait in my brain
be a snapshot of the boys
who left the infections I craved for,
like junk, burning
in the night
bright as star reflections
the next day
when neither of us had names anymore.
Relieved and wide with tears,
I kept praying the visions were just a phase
but it kept going
like hope, that liar,
a pretty sin really,
the opposite of burning.

11 May 08

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Amazing. Absolutely intoxicating. I could read this a million times and still adore it and feel the wheeling in my stomach as I relate to the words.
 — Porcelain_Lo

brilliant. lines 14 and 15 are magic.
 — raskolniikov

thanks I wasnt sure about whether this still needed work
 — Luxy

This is really, really good.  The first stanza is amazing--as is the rest.
 — PaulS

I know exactly what you mean.

 — SarahMichele

Of all of it, I find the last line the best, but the rest seems a little 'all been said before.'
 — opal

I did not find this anything like the how the previous readers did,
except I do agree fully with Opal.  
 — unknown

This is the best poem you have here.
I would change some words but it is your's
13-15 (very good)

 — unknown

you really should not have edited out the first part of this.

please bring it back.
 — SarahMichele

hmm what about this compromise?
 — Luxy

YES! just as it should be -- a good compromise.

thank you.
 — SarahMichele

no prob, and I agree..much better then my other revision : )
 — Luxy