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Recall of

a table for two
of years ago when
I dined with Quentin
Crisp. Our hostess
lesbian Lee thought
we made a seasoned pair.
He was old and I was fair
amazed to meet him
who ages hence
may consider sublimed.
Lee placed me apposed to
Quentin's "How do you do?"
"I'd rather ask
you. How did you do it?"
Here was Crisp as soft as first rain
"I did what I do to live."

19 May 08

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Nice.  I like the word play throughout.
 — Isabelle5

dinner with quentin,
tete a tete -- our hostess
remarked us a "seasoned pair".

he was getting on,
and i was just getting in,
and amazed to meet anyone:
window dressing boy
with old man.
 — joey

Joey, I like yours, too.  
 — Isabelle5