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Love Me Do

'You'll do for me'
a spinning vinyl 45,
start of a different life,
'Where are we going?'
'To the toppermost
of the poppermost'
Cut 4th September '62,
a faint trace of Bruce Chanel's
'Hey Baby',
but brand new.
Love me do,
a different perfume
laced the air.
Bluesy style,
like bare brick-walled
suburban living rooms.
Listening to that tune
Lounging on a shag-pile carpet.
Hit number 17,
with unvarnished honesty,
raw vocals – dry,
recorded as sung
without echo.
Wailing harmonica,
Passionate and overblown
but no bent note,
Northern with a twist
of Lennon breezing
through. It changed
the tone, moving us
from grey; the first chime
of revolution's bell,
artless in itself, soon
to become art,
a different part of ourselves,
yet brand new
such a deep well
on which we drew.

24 Jan 04

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Oh... the Beatles girl is back!!
 — aforbing

Very nicely done but seems a bit verbose here and there. 'a' L8, L17 Lounging to that tune/ on shagpile. L36 is a disappointing finale. Still, no matter, you have a very engaging style and ring bells for me.
 — unknown

yes, a disappointing finale but excellent elsewhere. Perhaps end at line 30 so you don't sound so "And then a revolution began, kids... Wow man, it was cosmic loving, getting free from the aliens in our dramas, but then we became buddies with anyone and everyone with grunge: we took the plunge into hate. You can use that if you want larkster. (C)  
 — unknown

After my comment, I notice "Alien Evil Twin" in the recently commented list- this synchronicity thing seems to have no limits.
 — unknown

at the top of the list, (to give why it is so synchronous more accurately).
 — unknown

Good poem, great song!
 — Isabelle5