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Love Me Do

A spinning vinyl 45,
start of a different life,
'Where are we going?'
'To the toppermost
of the poppermost'
Cut 4th September '62,
a faint trace of Bruce Chanel's
'Hey Baby',
but brand new.
Love me do.
Different perfume
laced the air.
Rough and ready style,
reached bare brick-walled
suburban living rooms.
I listened, lounging.
Something different
about that tune
Unvarnished honesty
of raw vocals –
dock side blues
recorded as sung
without echo.
Wailing harmonica.
Love me do
Passionate, as if
shackles had been
thrown off
a cymbals crash
heralded a dash
towards a new dawn.
Northern with a twist
of Lennon breezing
through. It changed
the tone, moving us
from grey to first chimes
of better times
Love me do.
Artless in itself,
but their tunes
became art,
exploring new sounds.
Ground breaker
You know i'll
always love you.

24 Jan 04

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Oh... the Beatles girl is back!!
 — aforbing

Very nicely done but seems a bit verbose here and there. 'a' L8, L17 Lounging to that tune/ on shagpile. L36 is a disappointing finale. Still, no matter, you have a very engaging style and ring bells for me.
 — unknown

yes, a disappointing finale but excellent elsewhere. Perhaps end at line 30 so you don't sound so "And then a revolution began, kids... Wow man, it was cosmic loving, getting free from the aliens in our dramas, but then we became buddies with anyone and everyone with grunge: we took the plunge into hate. You can use that if you want larkster. (C)  
 — unknown

After my comment, I notice "Alien Evil Twin" in the recently commented list- this synchronicity thing seems to have no limits.
 — unknown

at the top of the list, (to give why it is so synchronous more accurately).
 — unknown

Good poem, great song!
 — Isabelle5