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Gunslinger's Requiem

For Keats.

Lonely gunslinger.
Why singest thy song of woe?
Even the moon weeps.
Night's raiment covers
The silent, stone warriors--
Canyons and mesas.
Who is thy comrade?
None but the tall Saguaro,
Silent testament
To thine existence,
And the jackal, eyes gleaming
From the dark shadows.
Thou smells of leather.
The sweet, warm scent gives pretense
To hopeful contentment.
But Lady Desert,
That fickle nymph, offers thee
No blesséd solace.
Thou wishest for love,
But can only find respite
In the small fire
That warms thy rough hands,
And the frigid, bone dry wind
That chills thy tir'd face.
The Lady of Steel,
And smooth, sultry, white iv'ry,
And a deadly kiss,
Claims thy lonely heart,
Unflinching in her cold grip.
And thou bears her deeds.
Afraid, man shuns thee,
And the desert cat hunts thee,
And none comfort thee.
Thy cold, silent tears
Glint from the piteous fire,
And become the stars.
The sly desert fox,
Echoing thy requiem,
Howls a haunting cry.

25 Jan 04

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You may have liked the sound of it but does gunslinger, leather and steel match the archaic feel of the poem?
 — unknown

Maybe not, but I liked the contrast.
 — Rynne

If you've been reading Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' this actually works.
 — unknown

Haven't read that, actually. Now I'm curious.
 — Rynne

WOW!  I really liked this.  Personally, I think that the WAY you read this poem is more influential than its meaning...esspecially if you are accentuating each word with sound...I loved it and am interested to learn the actual meaning.  
 — AgentA

Actual meaning? It was originally a poem for my online friend. The first haiku (every stanza is a haiku) was a joke because he proclaimed it heartbreak week and proceeded to dig up the lyrics to Johnny Cash songs. So I wrote him that first stanza off the top of my head. It somehow spawned!
 — Rynne

i think the contrast is effing wicked.  make more of these. hello. they're good.
 — unknown

really really good
 — unknown

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