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Thought Uplifting

Every thing you have and are
will be abolished in good time.
What we fear is baseless. ness.
How can one be afraid of nothing?
The platypus is
a funny duck from reality.
Smile. Most people won't get you.
Ruminating in sound bites.
Chocolate, not the metaphor,
is a friend going in at the end.
Say something positive today!  Tell them about your herpes.
Enough cheer will carry a depressed person through a gray day
without the slightest effect on the cockroaches in the kitchen.
Cheeseburgers rock in the refrigerator come around day ten.
Diddle some words and ladle your gravy and finish off with an uplift of nonsense
hypercatatonic: kitty in a coma still dashing the bird of its dreams.

12 Jun 08

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jazz just jazz

now don't you go getting cross netters, ya'll know we lub ya ta bits
 — unknown

'tis a comedy and without crosses.
 — netskyIam

thanks for the update -- i'd thought he'd completely turned into dirt or whatever -- or, did they throw his ashes in the passaic? allen ended his poetry career by voiding poetry so that from his betty crocker heart, boxed cake could feed the millions. this one is a little lopsided, but, let them eat it anyway.
 — joey

Thank you, joey.  

Pome is now retouched, finished, as refined as a five pound bag of sugar.
Cane me if it's not.
 — netskyIam

this is stupendous fun.
write on.
: )
 — fractalcore

thank you! that makes me feel better, cos you know,
I'm a poetic furball, rejected and otherwise, left to dry on the carpet of strife.
 — netskyIam