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On Discussing Zebras

"How clever of you all to know your names,
now can anyone tell me anything about zebras?
Yes, you over there."
"My name's Lorraine."
"And a very pretty name it is too,
well done for remembering."
"Now about the zebras, can anyone tell m.....?"
"My name's Brian and I like lions."
Down in the jungle of eternity
long ago animals stirring themselves
in the primeaval warmth
of another nameless day
walked towards their watering holes
through hot rain.
Sunrise followed them through the tracks
they made across the silence
of the Universe as stars hurtled
towards now. So here we are
stuck in the world we have created
where everything has a name
and almost all have labels attached
which can neither be changed or erased
and will soon litter abandoned places.
A zebra is a four legged creature,
halfway between a horse and a mule
more or less.
No-one knows why stripes
were pressed against its side,
we can only hazard a guess.
Brian shook, then roared like a lion
so the  zebras did not stay.
Lorraine wrote names
on the front of a song book,
that weren't spelled the right way .

13 Jun 08

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 — unknown

Hi Listen

Sometimes you listen to kids and nothing they say yet everything they say makes sense.

Larry senseless Lark
 — larrylark

the wrap-aroundness of the middle section works well and the suggested mult-narrators make this poem something to challenge a reader. Enjoy the way the middle part is framed by the fable of Brian and Lorraine and the quirkiness of the names.

an admirer
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

I am a lot quirk but also a little quark

Larry singing into eternity Lark
 — unknown

this is a fucking masterpiece.
 — onklcrispy

nice poem, larrylark.
 — varun


One day I will marry sweet Lorraine

Larry bigamusicus Lark
 — larrylark

Hello Mr Lark
I seem to remember reading somewhere that the stripes act as a camouflage mechanism, something to do with tall grass.
A very fine piece of writing.
Thank you.
 — sir_I_clan

Hi Onklecrispy,

I guess i would have to agree with you .....Sigh.......

Larry pie in the sigh Lark
 — larrylark

Hi Varun

Can't talk much as i am in hiding from the dreaded Joey

Larry in cog neet o Lark

PS Kandinsky rules OK
 — larrylark

good poem!
 — stout

as does miro.

still, nice poem larry.
 — varun

Hi Varun

I have to say i do love those landscapes that stretch away into infinity with the fore ground littered with amoebic and inanimate objects, a bit like my front living room late Saturday night.

Larry padded in his cell Lark
 — larrylark

Thanks stout
 — larrylark