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i have two axes
both i do not know
how i got wood bodies steel heads
big is outside small is inside and
both need care from time to time

26 Jun 08

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Not reaching me as a reader.  It's very vague and I end up thinking, "So what?  Why should I care?"  There's nothing to relate to or sink my mental teeth into.
 — Isabelle5

maybe your mental teeth have all become tartared and rotten and fallen out.
 — hank

...first you goto to take care of head.
 — repeatme

isn't it big inside rather than out?
: )
 — fractalcore

this poem reminds me of another poem i've read ~but i can't find that one.
 — nisetru

 — unknown

made me want to read it over and over. not sure i understand it although repeatme has made reference to a song by 'sublime', but i don't think it is about that. still enjoyed it.
 — raskolniikov