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genetic thrift

At twenty-three
my mother is reincarnated
birthed from within me as a triumphant bird of fire.
I repair a pair of heels
with a black marker
and smile in resignation.

7 Jul 08

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cute ending :)
i wonder if she is supposed to be dead, or just that you repeated her actions
oh - i 'fixed' my backpack two weeks ago with the marker after mistakenly pouring few drops of glue on it.. temporary fix though, for i need a new one...
 — nisetru


i imagine a very
sexy lady doing this on
the street -- what a sight
to behold as i sweat
bullets in  the cold

very sexy piece
at least for me it is

written 07/07/08
http://poetrycritic al.net/read/49528/
thanks, unknown.
 — fractalcore

Thanks. I like when a poem begets a poem. :)  
 — unknown

^ personally it grates the piss out of me.
   Nice tight poem
 — unknown

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