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A =  1
T = 20
T = 20
N = 14
U = 21
N = 14
K = 11
N = 14
O = 15
W = 23
N = 14
G =  7
O = 15
T = 20
M = 13
E =   5
now you got
167 and 60.
multiply all
the individual digits
except zero:
1 * 6 * 7 * 6 = 252 then
in comes our magic
number, 13.
add the digits of 252
and multiply the sum by
the digits of 13 then
multiply the digits of
the end-product with
the digits of
13 then
multiply the digits of
the new end-product
with the digits of
13 then
repeat the last procedure
to your heart's content
and feel it burn at
the core of you,
2 + 5 + 2 = 9
9 * 1 * 3 = 27
2 * 7 * 1 * 3 = 42
4 * 2 * 1 * 3 = 24
2 * 4 * 1 * 3 = 24
2 * 4 * 1 * 3 = 24
1 * 2 * 3 * 4 = 24
        ... ...
indie End
you'll realize
you're left
with the same
digits right
before yore
like mathematchsticks setting --
the Sun -- your Heart
Start picking up the pieces
and count:
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10
that's all there is --
a perfect binary
bipolar Duality
yet One,
a gift adrift

written 07/07/08
originally after the now-defunct poem
@ http://poetrycritical.net/read/49519/
and now-resurrected
@ http://poetrycritical.net/read/49541/
thank you infinitely, Unknown.
; )

9 Jul 08

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for those of you out there who never got past Math as a painful dispensation of numeric supremacy there is a wHole spiritus mundi in their fractal circumventions -- from the Fobonacci sequence to Luna's labyrinth to the Golden Ratio and Sacred Geometry -- it All adds up in infinite variations of the ONE -- what fractalisciousness is exhuming is a form of Gematria long held as the Secret Doctrine -- from the kabbalah of YHVH to the Merovingian bloodline saved by the Templars and imbued in the Cathedrals of our Dark Virgin in th Map of the Virgo Cathedrals, Gematria was and is the Poetry of Meaning in Number symbology -- with patience there are no Secrets
 — AlchemiA

Seems like a load of bollocks to me.
 — unknown

I'd love to read what nisetru makes of this one.
 — unknown

hi, AlchemiA.

thank you so much for that very educational bit you shared here.
i have neither heard of nor been very familiar with the Fibonacci,
Golden Ratio, Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah, and Gematria till you
mentioned them here. i was just trying to make a response, or retort,
in the most mathematically poetic way i could to the piece that i read
and was written by Unknown [it/him/her]self. i was a very delinquent
university student, yaknow, and everything in this, my piece, is purely
thought-up stuff that jelled with one another according to the message
i wanted to convey. the Gematria there is purely coincidental, so to

you have such staggering insight, dude.
thanks for interpreting/translating this piece for me
and for your very kind words as always.

: )
 — fractalcore

unknowns above, don't you think we should rise above
the usual bollocks that we're able to perceive?

i think the piece is plain and simple as it appears and
could've stood by itself alright without AlchemiA's kind
complements and compliments.

the numbers come with text to explain the format and
facilitate better understanding but nisetru could most
probably see beyond and more than what is presented.

thanks for stopping by.
: )
 — fractalcore

I love! l56 made me smile :D There is a beauty and secret world in Maths that precious few are privy to; I've never been good at any of the geo&trig stuff, but I wish I was. Numbers, square brackets, binary = good pome.

Some people just aren't able to see the beauty in things, is all, and think that subjects like Science and Maths are far removed from poetry when they couldn't be futher from the truth.

This is terrific, great work.
 — wendz

ey, wendz.

thank you so much for your kind words. i'm glad |56 made you
smile. most indie bands rock, don't they?

a small edit in |63 brought about by your mentioning |56.
thanks again.

; )
 — fractalcore

l63 is even more delicious now ;)

Have you heard that song by The Killers, I think it's called "Glamour Indie Rock and Roll"? It's tongue in cheek, very funny.
 — wendz

i hate math, but i like the poem :) tihihihi
 — markfelician

ey, wendz.

thanks for the comeback. i'll look that song up today if i get the chance.
: )
 — fractalcore

thanks, markfelician.
i like the poem, too...tahiti.
; )
 — fractalcore

You're welcome.
 — unknown

hmm, unky, you can either be mark or wendz or somebody
else under One name, i.e. Unknown...a very factual way
of presenting yourself.

thanks for the comeback.
: )
 — fractalcore

any more thoughts, knowns and unknowns alike?
: )
 — fractalcore

@ officially 12:06 a.m. pacific, the top 3 most-recently commented
mentions thoughts/mind/thinking.

what have you got?
thinking is free.
: )
 — fractalcore

each letter a number, i love numerology; i also like this part, from l69 to the end.
great to read some math combined with poetry. funny the addressing to the unknowns..
 — nisetru

Why are you so desperate to be noticed and considered intelligent that you have to write a 'poem' like this?  It's crap, it's not poetry, I don't care how many people try to say it is.

Numbers are not poems.  Poetry is about words, putting them together for a coherent thought.  Nonsense to try to make math into poetry then call those who don't like it unable to see the 'beauty.'
 — unknown

thanks, nisetru.

a numbered piece inspired this which is a numbered response.
there is beauty in letters and numbers which are very much
part of nature. |53, for instance, is the commutative property
of factors, a case that can be likened to the manifestations
of Gawd/Nature that are interchangeable with one another
and it is also like omniscience.

you may say that is party accidental/coincidental as it is pretty
much an inspired piece that is a result of my inspired mind --
if i had one -- racing and juggling many things simultaneously.

it's just that i was surprised at this happening at all the day it
was written. that's the whole point or the undercurrent that
dwells or the mist that looms...just pure ecstatic experience
from a personal point of view.

always a pleasure to read your comments.
: )
 — fractalcore

dear unknown,

there are certain patterns in numbers as you yourself already know. the
sense of order/disorder in the universe can be interpreted by numbers.
numbers and nature are interdependent. you can assign "undefined" to
"the Unknown" or "the metaphysical" if you like.

you are free to write your opinion/thoughts down here. in other words,
any thinking is welcome. you are free to think whatever/however you like.
i can never tell you how/what to think; maybe just write a comment for
your comments in an innocuous/playful manner or try to point you in a
certain direction where i see something you might have missed of something
like that, IF you like. otherwise it's perfectly OK.

i never expect much of myself, not even during this particular writing;
i just let it flow. i'm just being me and i don't intend to censor/kill your
thoughts for any selfish reasons.

be yourself and be free and think freely by all means and thank you
for stopping by and writing your thoughts down.
: )
 — fractalcore

I'd have to agree with fc on this one- other unknown. You see poetry is the grafting and juxtaposing of words in a pattern to create art. The fact that he replaced some words with numbers is quite simply a re-direction of this basic idea and presenting it in a completely original way. I think you jumped pretty fast on the offensive without trying to see the reason behind it. Numerical representations is in itself the highest form of art for numbers dance to tell stories just as atoms tell us stories of where we were and where we're going. Take a look closely at modern mathematics and you might actually be able to see life unfold before your eyes and the galaxies reduced to possibilities and just when you think you're overcome by the influx of truth, look at these numbers again and you will see that we are nothing more than an unsolved equation just waiting to be balanced. Rise above prejudice and give others the benefit of the doubt and 9 out of 10 they'll surprise you .
 — unknown

great Unknown,

while i really like your capped moniker , i'd also really
like to know your non-unknown name. i think i've found
one of your gems already. it's an amazing write.

thanks for the gesture here and there.
: )
 — fractalcore

hi, Liliana.

looking for this?
: )
 — fractalcore

I must believe that it's my total loathing of math that makes me dislike this immediately.  Anything with many numbers in it, beyond my paycheck...
 — Isabelle5

i wonder why paychecks are always nice.

do they come with negative figures as well?
[in w/c case you'll be holding a debt threat, most likely.]

thanks for stopping by, Isabelle5.
; )
 — fractalcore

 — Liliana

  i say asayed et ese elementally ass n eyned
fer ya haooo jus cuaz  okeydokee?
fig r et owt  
 — unknown

this is not the philadelphia experiment
 — unknown

i believe this kind of math proves that fractal core must be running our economy
 — unknown

this flows wonderfully down the page through the numbers to the only conclusion it can reach :)

yet One, free... what a great read... loved it

~ Mong
 — Mongrol


yes, you.
; )
 — fractalcore


elemental, i agree.

what's in Philadelphia anyway?

i must've read ruining? no, i am running my
inner motor for the marathon of egoknowme.

first unk should talk to the other two and the
t[h]ree shall then share the fruits of the laborious

thanks for stopping bye, you all.
: )
 — fractalcore

a great honor, Mong.

though i must say reaching a conclusion
sounds like a [Philadelphia] experiment
indeed, hehe.

thank you for the visit.
: )
 — fractalcore

? si

i do no ting
 — unknown

eye see gnaw-thing wrong with that.
: )
 — fractalcore

I never did quite get past math as a painful supremacy, as the Prime Minister of Enlightenment Alchemia has said.  I am terrible with mathematical logic.  Hence I find this poem a borderline torturous experience.
 — aurelius

still he has no iddeas?
 — unknown

never heard of phi ?
with a name like fractalcore
 — unknown

I never thought I'd ever see kabbala intermixed with modern poetry - crazy world's a big place, yeah?
 — Virgil

this was quite something! I enjoyed your symbols. All is life. Even numbers. And now this is magnificent. language inflects our thought at every level and maths is intrinsic. isn't it? just as you said. "that's all there is -- 70
a perfect binary 71
bipolar Duality 72
yet One,".

I loved it. Ivana
 — unknown


thanks so much
for stopping by.

the force is

and i feel

: )
 — fractalcore

bumpeetee day, everee-one.
; )
 — fractalcore


: )
 — fractalcore

This is not a poem and does not belong here. It can go on the message board.
 — unknown

Poetry is an act of actualizing, individuating with each write, which flows out of the lowest we did fall 'n crawl to the highest we dared dream in the eyes of a lovers gleam - this 'lektrick muse let loose, plugged into the warmth in our chest or the chill in our bone to become words that tinker in the antics of semantics and linger on the poetics of noetics, rhythm'd in time, from the neuro-linguistics of our mind
 — AlchemiA

you're very kind as usual, Alc.
; )
 — fractalcore

Frac, you spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby, round round right round.
 — mandolyn

i love your work, always
 — psychofemale

hi, mandolyn.

well, it's a closed loop and i can't do anything about it.
makes my head spin as swell.

; )
 — fractalcore

thank you always, psychofemale.
; )
 — fractalcore

this is just beyond words and mathematics. so great!
 — unknown

But I dun't wanna lurn none math on ta weekinds Ma!

 — mandolyn

thank you, unky.

: )
 — fractalcore

rubbee mander,

let's play with [mathe]matchsticks then?

: )
 — fractalcore

This is good :) Funky, rhythmic, angry, powerful, creative.  I have no notes except the math is a bit tl;dr haha.  10/10
 — technomancer

 — softyetharsh


thank you, dude.
the math is a bit what?

: )
 — fractalcore


: P
 — fractalcore