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I Wish for Death

i do not care for my limbs or skins.
i do not care to make art, do not care for stimulation.
i cannot be satisfied to eat, i do not love anyone.
nobody will ever love me.
in my physical body i have felt only pain.
cannot come for any man or woman.
i was born frigid and dead
electrocute myself with anxiety
it is only pain to be alive.
i cannot see the joy in the flowers.
i do not want to hold hands with anybody.
i do not want to pet the cats.
i wish to escape from embarrassment.
i wish to return to nothingness.
tonight i will pillow my poor head
and hope never to wake up.
i was once a baby.

12 Aug 08

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there is a condition that occurs after the bliss of changes that is called the big grey nothing were all is dust and ashes -- a condition that is impermanent and not everlasting as you've made it out to be -- nevertheless your pome states the facts as plainly as it can that living this sham is a mirage -- babies are cute and so is what you are becoming
 — AlchemiA

OKcomputer have you read my Darkness is the Mother of Light? it speaks to this and we all need the dark and to rest
 — AlchemiA

merge this poem with 'the smile of my temporal lobe' and one of you might wake up happy

 — unknown

That last line is a good starting point. And some clever things in 10-13.

"Pillowing your head . . ."  do you wish to go to sleep,. smother yourself, or make love to your own head? It's hard to tell.
 — redhen


how clever of you. i am happy, i am not happy. depends on who is in my head.
 — raskolniikov