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what might
we call a group of lions
sated quite upon
our forum's baby mental 'roo?

15 Aug 08

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all for fun and fun for all; me being the "all" that matters
 — netskyIam

-- a billi-baby-bong?

and when that roo-er angled,
against his mommy's thigh,
the lions roared, the snoozers shnorred,
and here's what joe replied:

oh, twits, twits, twits of old miami --
twits amongst the finest in the land --
you can sing of rubes and jerks
and stephan hawwwkings,
but the twits of flor-i-da
have things in hand.
 — joey

cooked comedy : rare
ly well done
 — netskyIam

I kin
split words in =fifty= ways
an' find out all th' meanings
of th' words in altered states:
forty-eight, with leanings.
 — netskyIam

n33d's a second verse. are you fatigued already?
 — joey

Writing sentences in code that only you understand is not poetry.
 — wasp

actually, it is poetry, though this isn't a poem. poetry is when you write words in a protected time space so that the reader feels there's some 'feeling' being felt which has never been understood before. this one's feeling is just spite and rancor, and everyone knows what that feels like -- you do, for sure, or you wouldn't sound so spiteful and petty.
 — joey