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Schnoddy & Wife (a tale of conscription)

Mortimer Schnoddy, US Male, WWII, out of jail,
met the future for his pickle: sweet 'n reet
that dame named Lickels, Lickels
for the way she tongued
the rims of tumblers of cold rum
or any half an airman's bum.
Bum billy bum (band leaders' thrums).
Mort and Lickels felt in love, he
with her, and her with nickels.
Contract ensued
and so did time
which, like gangrene
lopped an "en" of rhyme.  
Sued, divorce, this fiction ends
ten stories down, where
palms, pools, drinks, play game.
Quite a dash two olives made
on dotted concrete when she caved.

28 Aug 08

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 — stout

 — stout

wow, these are REALLY crap.  delete them all, I insist.
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