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"Understanding Boys"

One at a time, reads the sign on the door.
Alex hangs on the doorknob and breaks hand-skins to bleed.
Red-rowing through the room and to the flat glowing screen
"Today," says Alex, "I watch him paint,
It was I who spoke into the brain to say
A stroke of green, please, above the knee,
A golden-green leaf to brush against
a brawny young thigh of ivory, thick wrists and large vacant hands
like crashing airplanes having crashed.
I summon you artist to stroke your paintbrush."
And then did he, lie down into a flower mound
to love himself only without a woman's hands or wet grip.
At that time I had knocked on the door and was received by a groan of reluctance.
I am such a gentleman to have been dismissed.
And he is such a lady in his privacy.

10 Sep 08

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Freaking awesome really. Quotes around a title, I don't understand why one would do this. Less two lines will stay with me, the last 5 lines maybe, o crap, maybe the last 15 lines.
 — unknown

Last two lines that is
 — unknown

this is a really really interesting piece, it has me thinking in upside down and inside out ways, and i'm not entirely sure why.

which is a good thing trust me :)

it's at once distant, like a projected art house movie, but it is so beautiful it draws you in...

i'm reading this more today, not fully understaing it, but loving it too
 — Mongrol

 — Mongrol

Hey, thanks Mong!
 — OKcomputer

Well god damn!
 — OKcomputer