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True Account Of The Voyage of Orion (1783)

Be sure you come from the east,
looking to the lee side, for a reef lies
two miles off shore, which tore out
the rear of "The Donegal" and all
fittings therein. Bring her no closer
than a sight of land, through faint wind
where there is sandy ground
beneath three fathoms, for this is unlike
the shores of Devon, being shallow; the sea lies
low as a fallow field, yielding treachery
to the unwary. You must not mistake
Naird's point, in shape a devil's crook
from where you must look to strong currents.
Bring her without hurry south south east,
at least half a turn into a westerly breeze,
easing out in the direction of Guinea.
Do not free the slaves till anchored,
or they will likely sin against the crew.
Keep them stored and under the gun,
maintaining frugal rations.
Last voyage, in a run of good fortune,
only nine were dead, four from the lash.
Two hundred and seventy three
sold as seen on deck. Do not enter
into burial arrangements as that
might prove costly. Hurry to turn her round
and when the anchor frees, drag out those
whose souls have departed,
and throw them where they will be lost to the sea.

12 Sep 08

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nice poem. has your humor but is well told regardless.

my only wonder is why the last line is extended so. seems it can do with a few words cut out; maybe exchange the last four words for lost at sea.

just my thought. like the parenthesis; good tactic, you've used multiple times and with your signature i might add.
 — listen

Hi Listen

this is my account of the horrors of the slave trade as seen throuhg the eyes of a captain experienced in shipping live traffic from Africa to the plantations of the Americas
 — larrylark

Hi steelman

Thanks for the advice which i shall consider in due course
 — larrylark

 — unknown


Larry nice Lark
 — unknown

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