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I want to be a horse

I put my hand in the water and it cut off at the wrist.
I saw myself with hooves and it seemed correct.
It is a better place to be.

13 Sep 08

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Welcome to the wacky world of Mr. Ed

Larry a horse is a horse unless that horse of course has intercourse with the wonderful Mr. Ed Lark

PS I love you Wilbur
 — larrylark

Neigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                   ;          &nbs p;    
 — opal

stupid and dishonest. you want to be exactly what you are a cruel and nasty fraud
 — unknown

-unknown number 1-
you are wrong, that is what i want to be.
 — raskolniikov

hey, don't feel so bad, it takes practice :)
 — unknown