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Easy Tiger

The spoons lie half forgotten in cans of corn
Slips of pink paper slid under the door just diplomas of this domain
Though the cold never seeps through the nest of blankets in the corner
Bowie-Knife carvings on a wooden cable spool—the table
Where it stabs through a nihilistic manifesto—evolved
From thirty-nine years of too many funerals and too little love
But what can sere boy’s-homes breed
When the bills break to pennies still singed in grime
the machine looses count—
And Identity dies
Seeds and stems from yesterday’s pot
litter cigarette burns on a stolen plane blanket—
stuffed in the cushions of a futon that cant afford sleep
except tempests tossing in early light
he says an artist must live his religion
so the knife cuts what cannot break
with so dull a blade and broken handle
easy tiger, this Sun will set
when politicians loose there sordid gamble
and in the fall land on your couch

14 Sep 08

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read me
 — unknown

yep read it and loved it .. so much grief and loss of self - this view, this oversation of things in the surrounding trying to tag them with meaning, the value of a life... it works.. though there are a few spots here and there could do with a tighten..

line 5 - no need for the word 'through' - also use spaces on the hyphen -

spelling line 19 - there should be their

though over-all I like the grimness of this, the cynical veiw of the world and life..
 — Mongrol

L19-lose and their not loose and there.  Otherwise, very poignant and sad.  I can relate to this.  11-20 are really well written.  I would put an apostrophe in L13 too into the contraction "can't" and question why in L16 that you use the whole word, "cannot."  I like this a lot.  :-)
 — starr