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Pantomime Horse

After the panto we carried the horse
strictly in dance time, bravissimo.
took the head for a drink just to surprise.
Wiped away greasepaint from euphoric eyes.
Snowballs arrived on a neat silver tray
with nosebag stuffed full of those old showbiz ways.

26 Sep 08

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great poem. makes me smile, a habit when reading your poetry.

thank you.
 — listen

'dropped off a leg, an arm, the head...
took the head to the bar, just to surprise.
later, wiping the paint off our faces,
clearing our eyes,
ol' snowball arrived, on a silver tray,
eating from a nosebag: sweet old
showbiz ways.
 — joey


Keep rewriting my stuff  and some day you will be....well, I guess, just re writing my stuff
 — larrylark

love lines 4 and 5 - it does capture something of the after show excitement - and wonderfully genteel, quite romantic in the sense of nostalgia, i feel the happy throng here.

as for the writing...

needs no changes.

~ Mong
 — Mongrol

oh forgot to sign properly

Mong horses ass Pong
 — Mongrol

Dear Mongrel

I have always been wary pf while also in awe of the throng

Larry crowded house Shallow
 — larrylark

Hi Listen

Always remember that Larry loves you and keep smiling

Larry rear gunner Lark
 — larrylark