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"At the Thrift Store"

A landscape of worn flower couches.
Tall plastic trees. Plastic plants in woven baskets.
Televisions of all sizes with the same face: Neil Diamond.
Nineties saxophone jazz. Yellow velvet kitchen chairs.
Plastic fruits –– a centerpiece –– they wear one purple wig.
Office desks with initials carved in: A.N.G.
Surprised they took it.
Beige washers and dryers.
Smeared sunflower paintings half-price this week.
Ghosts between clothing racks with bad breath.
Used birdhouses for sale without a specified realtor.
Brown wine bottles behind the adult diapers.
A cricket cage like the kind I used to make
(I'm holding it in my hand).
Bull-horns to mount on the wall.
Hand painted mirror: a boy in a corn field with a kaiser blade.
One dollar.
Books: The Primal Revolution leans against Garfield in the Rough.
Picture frames with angel portraits and cum splattered on the glass.
Pretend living room where I sit:
Two light-yellow couches
and one floral love seat
made of violet.
They three gather 'round
a gold-framed glass coffee table
with water rings and splatters on the surface.
It holds a plastic vase.
It holds pink plastic flowers.
Addressing the crowd of objects is a wooden entertainment center.
It holds an empty CD rack, three VCRs in a pile,
and a dead television in the mouth.
On top it wears a purple lamp
with a beige sideways shade.
All of the televisions are now rewinding.
On a shelf there is Mickey Mouse with a yellow telephone.
There are ceramic cakes on plates. What fer?
There is a dark brown statue with two Indians:
one scalping the other with a hatchet. Glorious!
Dinner plates with roosters, scenes:
a pilgrim holding a phallic object to his mouth.
There is a clock disguised as a telephone.
Red cowboy books, blue cowboy boots, teal high heels.
A jack-in-the-box who claims,
"The lid will not stay closed until the song has played completely."
Wooden trout with a shoddy paint-job frowns.
Skimpy one-piece swimsuits with bloody crotches.
Turbo fans. Dead fashion in the glass cases.
A halloween display
blocked off with yellow cautionary tape.
There is a coffin in the middle. RIP.

2 Oct 08

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you should have bought everything.
 — raskolniikov

I wanted the cricket cage but I brought myself to think reasonably. I already have one. I have too much junk. Enough is enough! I haven't even seen a cricket in years. Heard one er two tho.
 — OKcomputer