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Cherry Lynn

I could go home,
visit abandoned places,
turn over stones,
stare through someone's stains
stuck on every wall,
recall when Cherry Lynn
siezed a bowl of thin soup,
threw it at the sink.
"I'm standing here,
but no one cares." she declared,
"Not even stinky you."
even though I was the glue.
Life passes through improbable dreams.
Stains bubble into one huge stew.
Beggars, choosers, vanish without trace.
Bits of laughter squeezed between knees,
visible as stale air that hangs
next to grey sheets in a cold damp dawn.
I open doors, look towards Cherry,
who clatters bowls, scattering soup.

5 Oct 08

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i prefer the second stanza over the first
L9-10 lost me, honestly.  why doesn't anyone care [about her standing in that spot?]?
and then the glue - glue binding the relationship together?  sort of an overused statement.
but honestly i love the second stanza.
 — 1994

Hi 1994

She obviously cares about herself.Its about her not getting the right amount of attention she considers she is worthy of. The word stinky was introduced to demonstrate or maybe indicate the intimacy of their relationship, in that she has a pet name for him and glue recognises his love and his role in the relationship is to keep things even and OK for her, putting sticking plaster over her bad moments. She loves to be adored and he sees past that to the person, the Cherry that he really loves. The seconc stanza takes their relationship further down the line and here he endures for love, realising he cannot change the object of his love. 1994 if i could tell you one thing it would be to never get involved in a relationship with a neurotic person. I did years and years ago and it took me a long time to recover.

 — larrylark

thanks for the explanation
and the advice :)
i see it now.  i figured there was something deeper in that first stanza, just wasn't catching it.
 — 1994

Its cool 1994
 — larrylark

Awww, I bet you miss Cherry... Wonderful poem.
 — aforbing