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calcium bird

Gansi crossed ol' God with shoe-scuffs
& woke up his eyes: "there is a flat rubber planet
beneath yr feet. Get off it."
He aimed himself away
& began building longer shins
and a tower.
Sad day - when he came to absorb new truths:
yeah they're goina werk ya dry.
papa says it gets worse all the time.
Elevators don't work for the heaven-bound.
Come to think of it you won't.
You kint jes write fer pleasure.
Awful sorry about that.
& with a nerve crack he forgets:
-how it felt to dream good dreams
-where it come from to write nice thoughts
-how to access my child mind
-what it felt like to be free
Gansi took up prayin aginn 'cept --
this time there was nobody on th' other end.
He felt like a fool but he was always a fool.
A fool to dream 'imself into a wedge
& a fool to repair 'imself by admitting.
He did consider settin' his good mind free.

5 Oct 08

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something left you. genius departed. you are lost to yourself and it shows.
 — unknown

thank you, old friend. i know it already, and i don't like it. its not easy to will it forward.

i needed to hear it from someone other than myself. thank you. i will spend some time addressing it.
 — OKcomputer