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Hot Air

I am hot air,
blown to within
an inch of my skin.
One pin is all it takes
for a prick to go bang

16 Oct 08

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but, why not write a poem if you're that sensitive. bang. bang-bang.
 — geckodrome

Are you having treatment for repetative comment syndrome?

Weasel Words
 — unknown

God, does Geckodrome ever do anything but nancy about trying to swat flies on this board?

Tommy Rot
 — unknown

Gekodrome can't even swat his own flies. No buzz from him

Will Gnat
 — unknown

Very nice.
 — unknown


Larry Helium Lark
 — larrylark

this is so clever. i break a smile with this. (again.)
 — listen

is this joey's biography?
 — unknown

Its Geekodrone's air bag pumped by heat
 — unknown

Dear Listen

I always value your comments

 — unknown


Never heard of him
 — unknown

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